Miracle Jones Story


Miracle’s grandmother, Nadine Johnson, is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Witnessing her Gran-Gran undergo a year of aggressive chemotherapy, six months of radiation and numerous doctors’ appointments had an impact on the then four-year-old. She had many questions and wondered why there was not a cure. This triggered her quest to help find a cure for breast cancer and in 2008, she formed Miracle’s Pink Team (MPT) to help raise money for awareness and research.

Since birth, Miracle has been exposed to and participated in the Race for the Cure – AR. She travelled from Singapore, Japan and Washington, DC in order to participate in the walk with her Gran-Gran. Ever persistent, Miracle asked her mother to allow her to form her own team and was insistent that the team consist of fundraising. Her parents agreed and MPT began raising funds for a great cause.

Miracle built a pink lemonade stand and every weekend she would set up the stand and accept donations that were ear-marked for Race for the Cure-AR.

It is Miracle’s dream to fight this disease in hopes of preventing other children from seeing their mother or grandmother battle cancer as she did.

Now, it’s 2017 and 12-year-old Miracle is aiming to find a cure for childhood cancer.